About Me

I began weight training at 16 years old, I was overweight and had no self confidence.  I  trained 3 times a week focusing on total body workouts. After 6 months I lost 2 stone and built muscle.  The results inspired me to continue training,  my confidence grew together with life's opportunities.


I became a personal trainer to motivate, train and guide those, who like me, wish to make a difference to their lives. 

If you would like me to help you, get in touch.



Whatever your goals are: whether its to Tone, Build, Strengthen, or to Lose Weight -  Together we can achieve it. 

            GROUP TRAINING


Want to train with a friend, the more the merrier. 

            Tailored Programme


I can design a programme specific to your needs, to help reach your goal.  This will include dietry, nutritional and training guidance with clear time frames to help monitor your progress.