Below are some of my clients' Testimonials.  I would like to thank them for taking the time to write them.

Personal Training

“I had been going to the gym for about a year when I decided that I really needed to develop my strength in order to reach physical fitness. I didn’t know where to start because I had never really done any strength training before, which is why I badly needed some professional help. After my first session with Artemis I was immediately put at ease, he recognised that I needed to work on my core strength and laid out a plan for me to reach my goals. From then Artemis has gone above and beyond what I thought I could gain from having a personal trainer. He has set out to improve my fitness from every angle looking at how I have been exercising beforehand, advising me what has been beneficial and what has not, always taking into account my nutritional and lifestyle needs. He has tailored an exercise scheme that has, after only a couple of weeks, already seen me push past my original goals and build my strength much quicker than I had anticipated. I have noticed that I am more toned and defined and am very happy with the results so far. Artemis has put in a 110% into helping me progress and I plan to continue working with him until I have achieved peak physical fitness. .”​
Stephanie Butler

“Since I have started training with Artemis, I have noticed results very quickly.  In 2 weeks I lost 1/2 a stone and the weight is still dropping while getting stronger and defined at the same time.  I really enjoy training with him, especially being able to set goals every week and accomplishing them.  It is a great feeling and I feel great too!”​
George ​Tsielepis

“ I have been training with Artemis since August last year and in that time I feel fitter, stronger, healthier and more toned. Although I’ve always used the treadmill and cross trainer at the gym and been a keen runner I needed a little extra motivation to push myself and keep focused on my goals and Artemis has been the encouragement I needed. I’d never used weights before, partly because I didn’t know how to and partly because I was concerned about bulking up, but Artemis has taught me how to use them with confidence and include them within my fitness regime to not only tone and strengthen but also shed pounds. Six months on and I'm so pleased with what I have achieved and I know I have Artemis to thank. His enthusiasm for fitness is infectious and our sessions are always hard working and fun and even when I feel like I can’t do anymore he is always positive and will push me to push myself. Between sessions Artemis advises me on exercises to do at home and also offers helpful, knowledgeable advice on my diet and general wellbeing to ensure I stay on track. I train with Artemis twice a week and look forward to each session! Training with Artemis has not only made me much fitter (and smaller!) but healthier and happier! He offers the perfect combination of being tough and results driven, yet warm and approachable and I have no hesitation in recommending him.”​


Julia Sugden

"Artemis will motivate you to train without macho nonsense, chucking semi-religious ideas at you, or going on about himself. Instead, he will encourage you, talk you through your own doubts, and help you to sustain your efforts over the longer term. I’d recommend him to anyone who wants to increase their strength and fitness levels, but especially to those without much experience of using weights."

Joseph Jones